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Can't Touch This (cover) Can't Touch This (cover)

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seriously, that sucked, the quality was bad, it was a bad song choice, the singing was bad, and off key, and the bassline was off, youre playing the wrong chords, listen, and if you have any music ear you will hear your mistake, I hope that your better verion has more effort put into it, seriously I do, I want to see good things from all audio artists, this however was not it for you

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primusville135 responds:

buddy, you dont play chords on a bass guitar. I know it sucks no one said you had to listen to it. At least know wut ur talking about before you tell me off.

Bad Shrooms Bad Shrooms

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


your stuff is some of the more high quality stuff on NG that Ive seen, its stuff like this that gives the Audio portal a good reputation, you have great guitars, clear sound, and perfect drumming, keep up your good work

second-sun responds:

bueno! mucho gusto

Fighter Puppers Fighter Puppers

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

ugh, wtf?!

I know that you can do better than this, thank god you switched up your riff in the end there, it was really annoying to me, the repetitiveness. thank god this was intended for a flash, or I would have to slap you for submitting it, although it is of a very high recording quality, it is just way too much of the same riff

Nemo responds:

i made this quickly for the game i made which is why it is not that good. i kind of rushed everything at the end and didnt take my time as i do with most stuff. i wanted to have a decent soundtrack for the game but wanted to keep the filesize down. this was the result.

Bass drum song - Jolly Roger Bass drum song - Jolly Roger

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Ill admit

You are very good, too bad you shall never be as good as me, lol, jk, I cant wait to hear you when you have acess to a recording studio, it should rock, I love the guitar on this, because the tempo shifts like a franz ferdinand song, only it is done much more seemlessly, and the bass, and drums blend together very well, one suggestion though, try submitting files as a MP3 instead of a WAV. it increases the quality, and lowers the filesize, you can download a ripping program from to do this, I would suggest freerip, it is what I used to rip my songs from my CD to an MP3


grr will knock you off #1 soon....
Thanks for the review.
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